I’ve got a Raspberry Pi with connected camera. When the Pi boots up there should be executed a script which starts the camera software. You must create an new file in /etc/init.d/ and then add the following content: # /etc/init.d/startcam # Carry out specific functions when asked to by the system case "$1" in  … Read More

With ssh configured the Raspi can be attached using putty after booting. But how do I know about the IP the raspi got from DHCP? There are several possibilities to look: 1) If there is a screen attached at console the IP can be read there. But I operate the raspi in different networks just… Read More

After unpacking starting is very easy. There is a lot information available online. Here a few tipps where to look and what to do. A good choice is the raspberrypi homepage: Home What you first need is software to run the device. What you need is the Win32Diskmanager and an image to load. I started… Read More